Bunion Correctors

There is a lot of discussion (eg here) about if these increasingly popular bunion correctors actually work or not. There is certainly much debate around there use. Some experts believe that surgery is the only way to deal with bunions and is the only real option in the long term. Other experts disagree.

bunion correctors

So do bunion correctors actually work?

They do. They have been shown to correct the angle by the big toe a few degrees a month and also many clinicians use them to help mobilize and stretch the ligaments around the joint. This is a good thing and everyone with bunions should be encouraged to use them if you have bunions. Even if they do not work at correcting the toe angle, they are still worth using for that reason.

YouTube video on how to use the bunion corrector

If you are going to try these, you do need to wear them at night. There is no point trying them for a few days every now and then. They probably should be worn consistently for at least a month or two as a trial to see if they help you.

You can get a bunion corrector from Amazon below (USA) or Amazon (United Kingdom) or FootStore.au (Australia) or Fishpond (New Zealand)